So after our trip to Sydney, and seeing old friends again D and I have been considering moving back. That is to say, we have been considering it for a while in the background, but never really as an option until we are better financially positioned….however after the weekend and seeing so many of our friends and missing them a lot more than we realised, we are seriosuly thinking about our options.

So much so that D emailed some manager in Sydney about positions up there and he got a response back today to contact him after 3pm…not the reaction I expected, neither did D i don’t think. But perhaps we can move sooner than thought.

We have discussed even D moving up there while I stay here and get rid of the house and content etc and do all the other stuff, while he gets up there, starts a job and gets settled into Sydney life again.

Of course with that, all the other things go with it of finding him a place to live, paying for 2 lots of bills, food, transport etc, whether we can actually even afford it for a short or long term.  It is a daunting prospect to send him off to sydney and leaving me here, but career wise it woudl be a smart move for both of us. I want to get into underwriter and most of the underwriting jobs are in Sydney.  D wants to stay with the company he is, and that means most of the jobs are in Sydney as well, so it woudl be a good move from that point of view as well.

There are so many considerations I think we are both feeling a little overwhelemed, but we will have a better idea after 3pm if this looks promising for D or not 😀

So be prepared guys – we may be back soon!


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