Weddings, sydney and old friends

So long update incoming… 😀

Got to katoomba at about 12.30 on Saturday – there were roadworks most of the way on the hume, so it added an extra hour to our trip. But that was ok, we finally found the hotel, which was about 2km’s further from the actual wedding reception than noted on the maps we looked at….so let’s just say it sucked.  We were not able to just walk to the hotel….the place we stayed was also pretty dodgy…it said contintental breakfast included, and I don’t remember a continental breakfast being just toast and cereral….so that was a disappointment 😀 hehe

We caught up with Caz, before the wedding and was so good to see her after 5 years…I really have missed her 😀  So will have to make a concerted effort to keep in contact better this time.

I offered to drive the grandparents to the wedding ceremony and had to drive down the road from hell with the steepest corner known to man and a cliff face on one side…

Anyway The ceremony was beautiful, S and B just glowed the entire time, he didn’t take his eyes off her and the smile that just kept appearing on her face was like….I can’t even really describe it….

He was running a little late – ie 40 minutes – but it was wonderulf 🙂 I did cry a little bit once S was doing her vows….I am just so happy for her and I know what the emotion feels like on your big day…..

Anyway got to the reception and the place is so beautiful…just beautiful 🙂  However, during the course of the night the waiters proved to be a concern, with 6 trays being dropped throughout the night – one on the bride and groom.  S was deciding if she shoudl kickbox the crap out of the poor guy while he ran scared from the room.  I have never ever seen the face of death, but I reckon it must have been looking at that poor waiter.  In time I am sure she will look back and laugh and have a memory of her wedding that will be immortilised in story, but for the minute I think it is a tender spot.

Aside from the clumsy waiters – I have to say – the wedding was perfect. The right amount of people, more laughter and fun and great company than you can poke a stick at.  It was perfection as far as weddings go.  Well that’s my opinion.  We had great fun at our table, I met some really nice people that I hope to keep in contact with, and had a great night. 

I did try and do a little congrats speech as Matt was asking for people nd I got maybe 3 words out before I started bawling 😀  LOL  pathetic ole me…I just wanted to say so much to them and couldn’t.

But she knows I love her, and hopefully she knows how much she means to me and how happy I am for her and B to be in a relationship like I am with D. I hope she knows that through everything we have been together I am so happy she has found a guy that treats her like a goddess and someone that can share her life with. Gah welling yup again 😀

Well I better shoot off, will post more later – and probably include some pics if I can manage it 😀


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