So I have time to write a post now about all the information previously posted.

I now have to essentially change my entire lifestyle to manage the PCOS in a beneficial way. I will have to cut out a lot of stuff from my diet, sleep better, eat breakfast, drink more water etc. I am going to empty the entire kitchen and restock it with all healthy alternatives….essentially my insulin resistance means (as far as I understand it) that my body doesn’t break down anything in my body, so instead it all gets stored as…you guessed it…fat 🙂

So I am likely to have to go on medication to help with that, and also eat nothing that is refinmed or processed, no sugars (added of course), preservatives, additives etc. Probably less bread, pasta, etc. Eat more fish, vegetables, fruit and nuts.

I have to have an uldtra sound on Friday – next week- to ensure there isn’t anything else weird going on in ternally before the doctor will prescribe anything or set me on a course of repairing this whole fuck up 🙂

ON the brighter side of things, this will force me to get healthy and lose weight if i do ever want to have kids…currently I am basically infertile as my ovaries are not fucntioning correctly. Once the insulin resistance gets sorted and my weight starts to drop, generally my ovaries start ovulating as per normal again.

So the next 6 – 12 months are going to be about food, weight, excercise etc and probably rather boring 🙂 But I am determined to keep a diary/log of everything once I actually start and have firm diagnosis etc in place. Probably in 2 weeks.

I want to record how much I am losing, how much weight is dropping how much I am drinking etc, what kind of excercise (if any) I am doing. I am hoping it will give me some hope and the pushI need to keep it happening 😀

I don’t want to get cervical cancer, or diabetes or have a heart attack, and I want to know that if i want kids in 2 years time I can have them. I want to be healthy. I want my period to stop, I want them to be normal again. Bleeding for 2 months (and counting) is getting beyond a joke….

I am excited, scared, looking towards the future and a bunch of others emotions at the moment. But I will get through it like everything else. I am a survivor. No matter how many times you beat me I will always get back up and I will always pull it together. This is just another thing on the way to the Summerlands I have to deal with.


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