Blood :D

Life force of all things, had some removed yesterday morning from my arm 🙂 Thankfully the nurse found a vein straight off and stole it all from me 😀

Oh well…should get the test results back in a few days – perhaps Wednesday next week?

Yes I am finally getting tested for PCOS 😦 After having had my period for almost 2 months running now, I decided that I was really over not knowing what was wrong with my insides 😀

I have an ultra sound organsied for the week after we get back from Sydney as well, so that will apparently help with the diagnosis 🙂

It is a little daunting to have something like PCOS and not really have that many girlfriends to talk about it with. So my mum had me the other night at her place bawling like a little kid, but she helped me see the more positive side.

Aside from that we are heading to Myers tongiht – have not yet bought a wedding present or found an outfit to wear to said wedding…I really would like a nice spring dress, but well we shall have to see.

Overall though I am feeling a little lonely and wishing i had something…but I am not sure what that something is? perhaps I am still missing my B, even after everything that happened and the fact tnat she treated everyone the same, I thought it was a friendship that would last forever, and similar to my friendship with D, it ended when I think after everything i still missed the good times and the fun they brought into my life. but I guess the past is the past and you shoudl always look forward… as I said to my friend at work – there is a reason things are in the past and not the present, perhaps it is better to leave them there. Doesn’t mean I am not allowed to reflect and miss those people that meant so much to me.

Bah enough!


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