on the mend

So i only stayed overnight in the hospital 😀 WOOT!

no dying, low blood pressure, infection – nothing 🙂 I even had all the needles be done with the first shot and no problems 🙂 So i have not been used as a pin cushion, and I tell you know it was awesome 😀

The surgeon couldn’t do what he wanted to do to fix my problem as it was worse when he got in there, so my abcyss now has a drain in that has to be removed in 2 weeks time, this is apparently supposed to fix the problem once and for all….we shall see!

I have spent most of the week lying down on my side, and i am pretty much over the whole sensation, but I am so glad the original plan could not have gone ahead, apparently I would have been in agony for approx a month if it wasn’t as bad as they thought. So silver lining if you ask me.

I am hoping to go to work on Monday, but will see how I track this weekend. I have some mild pain occasionally, which panadol does nothing for and the only pain killers that work tend to knock me on my arse. I still find it difficult to sit up as well, which may make work a little touch considering i sit all day at a desk.

D has been, his usual, awesome self looking after me and even cooking dinner for me, so that has made it a lot easier on the recovery.

He is going out tonight with some friends so my mum is coming over tonight to see me and catch up with me, which will be nice. Also have A and J coming down today at lunch, so spent the morning doing the dishes at cleaning up a little bit. Little bit of pain after all that effort, so am sitting down and relaxing 😀 D is about to head out and get some food stuffs for lunch etc before our friends arrive.

All in all a successful week, feeling good about this last lot of surgery, I hope this is the end and i can start getting back into bellydancing or some form of exercise. maybe it is time for me to try karate with D so we can be a pair of killing machines!!


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