So my last night at home tonight for god only knows how long…am making taco’s for dinner as my last supper 🙂 eheh I am a little excited I have to admit, D isn’t a fan of the whole taco thing, I am though 🙂 Has so many good teenage associations for me, I think it is part of the reason I enjoy them 🙂

I have been trying to anger a response out of someone by visiting their blog site every couple of days, and so far, no response. I checked again today and their entire blog is now protected 😀 That’s so awesome, because I think I can finally admit to myself they never really cared. Especially since I have been advised they have contacted people they said they would never contact again, makes me realize they will use whoever they can to make themselves feel better, without a thought for the person they are using.

It has been a sad few weeks with me dealing with the loss, but now it is over for me. I am glad, I feel much better about everything and am finally able to close that chapter.

So onward and upward to the next chapter of life. D and I have made some pretty massive plans for after my recovery from surgery, which I can’t divulge just yet 🙂 It’s all secret squirrel stuff until we are sure I am on the road to never having to be in hospital for this problem!

OH, got to love iPhones – if you don’t have one, you simply have to go and buy one!! In preparation for an extended delay in a bed, with white walls and horrible sheets, I got some movies for my iPhone! Yup – MOVIES! So I have 5 movies….The Goonies, The Princes Bride, confessions of a shopaholic (unseen as yet), Under a tuscan sun and Zack and Miri make a porno (as yet unseen). I know it isn’t many, but i didn’t want to go overboard incase I was only in for one day. But the first two should get me through any boredom I may suffer 😀 They are only about 350 – 400MG in size, quite small I think, plus the 1GB of podcasts I downloaded, I should be nowhere near as bored as last time. Seriously though, super awesome….love iPhones!! remember that for future reference, you must get one! 😀


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