errr no title :D

Not much to say really, just felt like having a moment with my Lj 🙂

Am feeling a little sad today, but such is life 🙂 D had his MRI and the results are not good, they aren’t bad either, they are just not all clear. He has to have some blood tests and see a neurologist now. The Dr didn’t place any urgency on either, so he is not too stressed about it. D has yet to call up and make the appointments, perhaps this week he will do it. So a few more weeks before that case is all solved I think?!? I am sending him many happy thoughts and healing wishes 😀

We move onward and upward I guess, nothing major going on tonight, although D said he wants me to make my spag bol for dinner, so all good if you ask me 🙂 Haven’t been at work this week, as it appears I have developed another abcyss, so I am on pain killers and bed rest. I should be in hospital for it, but since I don’t want to ruin my actual surgery I have opted to just deal with the pain as best I can so I can not miss out on having this fixed once and for all.

Had the best weekend with some friends, we played this card game about beans….um….bohnanza I think it was called….I know it is stupid, but damn it was so much fun to play 😀 You basically get cards – each card is a type of bean – which you either plant/trade or sell….LOL was so much fun 🙂 Although we did spend the first hour upon arriving helping them get a new couch into the house. it wouldn’t fit in the front door, so the door came off and then some time later the legs on the couch got removed and voila…she went in nice and easy 😀

D and I might be organising Yule this weekend, last weekend was a little hectic with family having heart operations etc, so this weekend might be our yule celebrations, although we are not entirely sure yet. It will be the last ritual i get to be part of for a few weeks/months so it would be nice to have something happen. If not perhaps D and I will do our own at home, just the two of us.

I think I had my moment with Lj and it is over now 🙂 So I will go and pickup my antibiotics and painkillers from the chemist, stop by coles and then pick up D as well from the train station 🙂


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