The wait is finally over

So after 2 years of near constant pain, and inability to walk or move or sit for long periods of time…I have been given a date for my surgery!!

30th June!!

I am not in the least bit excited, in fact I am terrified. The last few times I have been under I have barely survived, and so am not looking forward to this. and I mean literally by the way… throat closes up sometimes during surgery and they have to basically resuscitate me, never mind the fact I am almost purple when I come out and have virtually no blood pressure…well it is always really really low…and i have to spend the next 2 nights on oxygen and breathing deeply…..

They can also never find veins so I always come out looking like a pin cushion, with bruises all over and very saw arms/legs and feet (yes I have had them stick the drips in my feet before, as it was the only place with a vein 😦

Anyway, so aside from the terror I feel, there is a HUGE sense of relief that it may be the end of the pain. I am not sure what they are going to do, as it will depend on the situation when they get in there and have be all sliced open. There are a couple of options depending on location.

So all in all, a good thing, I hope I am not in hospital for 2 weeks like last time…but I will cope if it means it will be all over.


One thought on “The wait is finally over

  1. minxee says:

    I’m glad that this surgery will help your pain – what are they doing??

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