new times for all

I am no longer GM of my guild.

After another long week of arguments, snappy people, no raiders, stupid questions and general lack of interest I decided to call it quits. After 2 years of leading a 25 man raiding force, I just didnn’t want to do it anymore. Moving to a newer server all those months ago, was the worst decision we could have made. The population is so much lower and there are just far too many guilds vying for the players, who being the recommended server for a long time are not the “at heart” raiders that some of us are.

So I have decided to move off my current server to get away from all the history and bad players. So many people I am leaving behind and will miss, but I really feel this is the right thing for me. I have not enjoyed logging into the game the last few months due to the situation, and the only reason I was logging into the game was to chat to my friends, which funnily enough wasn’t even happening all that much.


One thought on “new times for all

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re kidding right!?!
    Apologies for posting this on your blog. I don’t know of any other way to send you a message.
    I think the pair of you should take a step back, a few deep breaths, and have a look at the mess you find yourselves in.
    B is very emotional about you leaving and has reacted quite strongly. You are also very emotional about the whole thing and are also reacting strongly.
    I don’t believe B has lied to you or passed on information she shouldn’t have. She was misinformed by me about the transfer window. Last time I looked, years ago, it was 90 days.
    Both of you are undergoing a huge amount of stress in your personal lives. And that is being reflected in how you are treating those around you.
    If you placed any value at all on your friendship with each other, please try to calm down a bit and ease up on the emotive communication. I will try to calm B down and get her to do the same.
    When you are both calm we could try to sort things out.
    You helped B so much when she was in the depths of despair after I left and she was trying to rebuild her life. I owe you so much for helping to keep her sane.
    If I can do anything to try to salvage your relationship from this mess I will.
    I’d rather not follow up on your blog – if you would like to contact me my email address is andrew at millsmcgill dot com
    I’m so sorry things have gone the way they have.

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