once again the sadness decends becuase I speak my mind….seriously I am fucking over the cock suckers in my life….

why do i manage to always find people who fuck me over, around, under, on top of everything……

Get fucked…every single one of you cunt fucked mother humping cock sucking whores….I hope you catch some horrible pustule laden disease from the monkies you like fucking in the back of your trailer trashing slut commune….

I really can see why people commit suicide…death – no matter what comes after has tobe better than this constant fucking rollercoaster of mind fucks…in all seriousness my luck – i woudl end up in hell or worse..purgatory with some mind fuck repeatedly making me more and more angry…

You know I always thought I was a nice person, prone to a little tempter tanty now and again, but overall I always tried to be there for my friends….these last few years all Ihave done is be fucked over and over and over again by them….so you know what…go ahove it up your arse…I don’t care what your problems are…I am not here for you anymore…I am not going to sit and listen to you carry on about your issues when you don’t even have the decency to ask how I am….

No wonder I spend less and less time with people now…there is less chance of being fucked up the arse without lube. Why should I want to spend time with people when this is how I get treated.


One thought on “sadness

  1. minxee says:

    eeeeeeek – sorry to hear this hon. Can’t wait to see you again soon in Sydney. Will have to organise more trips to Melb as well!
    *hugs hugs*

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