Why do dreams do that?

So I had really horrible dreams last night, i mean really horrible dreams…I am used to my nightmares they are pretty standard for me and have been for years…I don’t think I go a night without being murdered via some method…and I guess I have dealt with that, but last night…last night was horrific….even by my standards….

I remember waking in the middle of the night briefly with tears, but fell asleep very quickly again as I rolled over…to the comfort of my D. Closer to morning apparently I was having rude dreams though and moaning etc so I guess that’s a good thing, but as the morning has worn on and I have remembered more of my dreams last night I am becoming more and more sad about them.

My insecurities are really shining through at the moment in my head, I am not sure why, maybe because so many things have changed lately, in my head and my life. Perhaps I am trying to catch up with it all.

People always tell you to try and remember things about the dreams, colours, smells, feelings etc and there are only a few things that shine for me – I have never seen so much blood, I felt as is if i was being torn apart centimetre by centimetre, and the sense that the 5 people involved had set this up with the intent to harm me – and I mean set me up as in everything for the last few years was leading up to this “event”.

anyway, maybe it is just PMT 🙂 well I hope so!


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