Kit Kats, calamari Salads and skillets

So had a great lunch with Prince, although we lost track of time waiting for my damn meal, anyway was lots of fun. He had me ins stitches for most of it and we even compared some bands when he wasn’t on about techno :p pfft!

He is such a sweety and lots of gossip was learnt, but can hardly tell you guys all about it can I :p LOL That would be cheating now wouldn’t it! And would be giving away his secrets 🙂 he is capable of doing that without my help 🙂

Anyway, onto other things, I have 6 days until my holidays, only SIX days until I have like 3 weeks off without having to go back to work!

I have to make dates for all of my guildies now to chat to them about their gear, this is going to do my head in, but at least it will give me a chance to chat to them , if they don’t all leave the guild 🙂 HAHAH

What else….oh yes, we will be changing all the furniture in the house – the current louge room is going to be moved to the current dining room – and vice versa 🙂 We will be hopefully doing that this weekend at some point….D and I can move the smaller stuff but we have to con our friends to come round and help with the bigger stuff…..doing ot for the party as well so we can have most people up one end of the house rather than split everywhere…if we can work it…

Any volunteers for the moving?? LOL need strong boys and girls 🙂


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