She stood, lonesome on the parapet of the castle’s bluestone walls, walking slowly between the east and west turrets, her blue velvet cloak billowing out behind her in the cold wind, she shivered once and pulled it tightly around her; enjoying the warmth already there.

A warm scent reached her, and she brought the cloak up to face to bury her head into it, drawing deep breathes she could taste his scent in her mouth, feel his kiss against her lips once more, tears welled on her eyes. Her prince was far away from her, in another land, she had not heard word from him in weeks, her heart was growing heavy with sorrow and worry.

As she glanced over the castle walls, her heart leaped in excitement at the familiar sight of his horse galloping across the fields. The tears welled over as the joy became too much to contain. She lifted her skirts and ran down the narrow sentry stairs, yelling for all in her way to move, the closer she came to the courtyard the hoofbeats became more distinct.

As she stood awaiting her Prince in the courtyard, heart racing, face flushed and tears streaming down her face, she gripped the edge of her cloak tightly; forcing her shaking hands to appear calm and relaxed. He rode into the courtyard, the vision of the man she loved appearing before her, she searched his face and body for any signs of damage or hurt but found none. Her smile was like the sunlight dazzling his senses.

As her prince swung himself down from the horse and passed the reigns over to some yard hand, his other hand reached out to her, their fingertips touch gently as she forces her feet to move towards him in disbelief that he is really standing here before her.

Her knees tremble as she feels his arms surround her and pull her closer, she sighs in contentment as she feels her Prince in her arms. As she raises her face to look at him, his lips crush against hers in a deep kiss. So lost in the kiss she was unaware that he had picked her up and was carrying her through the courtyard to their room. As she broke the kiss off, she peppered his face with little kisses all the while listening to him whisper sweet words in her ear.

He had promised to return to her and keep her safe. Her Prince had done this.

Yes, I have strange thoughts about things 🙂 The Prince is so in my head at the moment, I may have to write more about him and this love story…he is everywhere at the moment, he fills my head with images and thoughts. He doesn’t answer questions though, he flirts on the edges of my vision, dancing just out of reach, he is intriguing. I want to know more about him, find out what he is thinking, where he has been, where he is going, who is she that he has been aching for?

He has been floating just out of reach the last few weeks, driving me slowly insane and tormenting me more every day when I find out one little tidbit of information, but never getting a full conversation out of him.

This is like a drug, I want more but don’t know how to get afford it 🙂 Will add more later, it is too depressing to know he wants to talk to me, but doesn’t give me anything to work with, maybe one day he will open up and tell me his story without dancing around.


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