Feeling pain for my minxee 🙂 HUGS sweety!!! and B – he is like a walking calamity 🙂 every week he has injured himself…shall we stick him in a cotton room 🙂 LOL hugs and kisses to him for his wrist 🙂

OK D and I have spent all morning (and most of the day) cleaning the house/yard in preparation for my party. My back is throbbing and my arms feel like jelly…don’t know how I am going to raid tonight 🙂 eheh But it feels good to be getting everything cleaned up….

We are planning on hiring a trailer so we can cart off the hundreds of huge garbage bags we currently have piling up 🙂 It will be nice to get rid of all the rubbish hanging about the place 🙂 BUt man is it painful 🙂

I will be heading out to footscray next week to find some cheap material that i can hang around the house..actually…I just had a fucking thought!!! I should pull out all the old window lace I have in a box and dye it all red/black and hang that – save me some money!!! OMG

be back late r- off to find all the lace!!


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