giddy up

Managed to get over the depression, stemming form my apparent lack of friends interested in celebrating my birthday with me…so my solution….I am having a birthday party – i don’t give a flying fuck who turns up – if it ends up just being me, D and my two damn dogs, I am going to get drunk, play loud music and dance my arse off 🙂 (more than likely the loud music and drinking will happen, followed by loud sobbing and hysterics ).

So here is to me and my non event of turning 30 🙂

Here is a little paranoia for you Mr Journal – maybe people don’t like me all that much but put up with me because of Drew? hrmmm there’s something to consider ?

Onto other things….i had to take mum to the hospital the other night due to some complications with her recent surgery..everything is ok, but I managed to get home at like 6am so my weekend has now been very hazy coz I am just so damn tired 🙂

D is doign some invitation up for me over the next few days, so I can get them printed out and sentt o whomever needs them 🙂 YAY for me 🙂


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