2 posts in one night

So anyway, had a really fun day in game today 🙂 I just played the game to enjoy and not be a GL for the night 🙂

I pissed off my officers I think, but well that happens – I will fewel bad about it for the next few weeks then I will be over it :/

Anyhoo, onto other things, I am feeling slightly buzzy 🙂

I have made a to-do list for my birthday and it has like 50 things on it…thank god I will be off for the week before my party 🙂 I want to make myself a nice skirt for it as well 🙂

Going to have a wicked outfit – if I can manage to get squeezed into my corset again….I have a month to lose some weight to seee if it is possible, otherwise I may have to investigate the possibility of buying a new one….SUCH A SHAME!!! LOL I may need to pick minxee’s brain on how to do a goth look for the night….it has been nearly 14 years since I went through my goth phase 🙂

Anyway, still have to do my invites – they haven’t been done as yet….hopefully tuesday night 🙂 I will send out an invite via email as well 🙂


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