long time no see

Hey everyone, i have been reading ur posts and keeping updated, i justhavent had much time to respond or post myself, so i thought i would take the time and fill you all in on mylife so far!! (minxee – stealing ur layout for this one 🙂 hehehe)


Have seen so many recently, and they have all been excellent 😀  Cant think if anymore but i know there is 🙂
Harry Potter – was slightly disappointed with the movie as they left so much out, but meh was still Harry
Tranformers – OMFG – the best movie EVER created
Simpsons – Meh, kinf of like watching an episode on TV, but was funny
Shrek – pissed myself laughing the whole way through it – thought it was the best
Pirates – mmm thought it was good, and who wouldnt when youc an perv at Orlando for most of it 🙂

Been chugging along, spending time with the coven, sabbats have been mind blowing experiences and the full moons have been great fun. Too much of my time has been taken up with organising the wiccan conference (although I have been slack with that as well).

Has sucked beyond compare!!  I have been on leave from work for 3 weeks due to a mid life crisis, post traumatic stress and severe depression and slight agorophobia, all brought on by my 28th birthday and “Saturn Return” bringing issues to the surface that i had never faced and now must be reoslved. I know i sound like a mental case, and perhaps I am, but I am preferring to think of it as a transition phase in my life.  I do feel like crap and i don’t really see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I am sure it will come. I have been through worse.  I am currently trying to organise to work from home, might help me get back into the swing of things.  But not sure how that is going to pan out yet, still waiting to hear from the boss.

I was raped. A long time ago and i blocked it out, I never admitted to myself it happened and therefore it didn’t happen. I have to admit it happened now, and talk about it, but I still don’t feel i can.  Hence my hope that if i say it on here for the world to see, then I will know I have made a step towards integrating it into my life.  The issue is now dealing with the after effects, the lack of emotional attachment to anyone or anything, the need for solitude, the want of a support network, etc etcetc.

There I said it.  OMG

*having a slight freak out*

World of Warcraft
Sill obsessed with WoW and a new expansion is coming out for it! WOOT! Level cap will now be 80 🙂  tis so awesome!!  still playing most nights, it gives my mind a chance to chill out and not think about anything 🙂  Have moved my main to Dath, playig with more aussies makes it a little easier to get groups in my prime time 🙂

Anyway thanks for listening to my rant 🙂

Chat to you all soon

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