hey hey

Well I haven’t been online much because my PC has decided to die on me.  Which annoys me so much, but I have no choice but to deal with it…my boi is going to attempt to pull all my data off my hard drive for me this weekend, like all my Pagan Alliance stuff and all my mp3s…so fingers crossed my hard drive isn’t the problem.  I am not impressed at all as I always seem to have pc problems and I have no idea why…i don’t even use the fucking then very often anymore…lol

Onto other things the job hunting is still going on, not having any luck at the moment, but no negative feedback – so I am assuming it is because I have no official qualifications of any kind at my age.  So I am looking at doing  a diploma of business management or something dull and boring like that…but if I can pass it means I have something to write on my resume to impress people somewhat….so looking into that at the moment.

Loki, is driving us mad, no matter how much we tell him off he won’t stop jumping up!!  little rat bag!!  lol…but he makes me laugh when he sleeps so hey – it balances out in my mind…giggle

Had a great Equinox celebration, was one of the best sabbats I have had in the recent years. Always a fun night though…. 🙂

Not much else has been going on..I hope you are all well. I have read most of your recent posts, but don’t have as much time as I would like to respond, but I am thinking of you all.

Take Care and maybe I will have  a pc again in a few days time.



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