onto other things now though

I am still looking for work, and taking my time about it, I don’t want to get stuck with a crappy job…lol….I have sent my resume off for approx 25 jobs and have only hard back from 3 of them. So pretty bad rate of response, but what can you do…I will keep trying.

I didn’t end up going to work on Friday or Today as I have not been able to walk more than 20 steps away from my loo without feeling the need to go back to it…such is life….I have barely slept since Thursday night, intruth I have spent more time awake than asleep and it is begining to take its toll on me..

The boi is working late shifts this week, until 10.30pm, and it is nights like this that I wish I was still playing WOW… 🙂 but I have other things to do like organise this seasons newsletter which needs to be sent out as soon as possible with letters to all the ex-members. I will need to be paying for that out of my owm pocket as I still don’t have access to the bank accounts as yet.

Other than that not much has been happening lately, we have been doing very little exciting stuff, although I am thinking of having a party this year for our Bday’s in may, which could be kind of cool. We haven’t had a party since we moved to Melbourne and I think it is about time we did. We used to have some OK parties in Sydney, but that was coz we were all alchoholics!! HAHAHAHA



 keep your eyes open for more news on the party thing, at the moment, it is looking like the 5th May as it is in between both our bdays and just after our wedding anniversary, so it would be a kind of BIG party!! eheheheh….

Love and kisses


7 thoughts on “onto other things now though

  1. minxee says:

    rightio – so I’m up for a trip south it seems? Yee-ha! I fucking LURVE Melbourne.
    I take it this means you guys aren’t visiting Sydney?? Remember that convo 😉 *snicker*

    • dragonray says:

      we still might come up this year, but I dont’ think it will be in may….we are trying to do a whole heap of financial stuff at the moment, like changing cars (posibly) and selling the house (if we can) so I think we are trying to focus on all that first…heheheh We have been so wanting to go for a holiday to sydney, so are trying to organise it – hehe maybe xmas time so we can avoide all the family arguments!! lol

      • minxee says:

        sounds like a brilliant idea LOL
        where you moving to?!?!

      • dragonray says:

        we are thinking about moving further out country way….sick of being in the city and places in Kyneton, where we are looking are around 180,00 – 200,00…which is pretty good….but we are looking into it at the moment, will start doing some painting etc to get a better price and get some valuers in….

  2. mrapophis says:

    Is that closer to, or further from me?
    Because the answer to that is the answer to your newer post. 🙂

    • mrapophis says:

      Looks like I don’t know how to use reply. That last one was meant in reply to your last post in reply to Minxee. 😦

      • dragonray says:

        AHHAAHA…noob….kyneton is further out, but is freeway all the way, so not too bad…lol…we think we are just going to sell…and buy something already established…building sounds too darn hard from what i have found out…lol

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