Well I have finally decided it is time for me to leave the comfort and security of my crappy job….I am sending out my resume to every job that looks interesting and that doesn’t involve an agency.  I am so sick of them cocking up stuff that isn’t that hard, or trying to send me for interviews that are just NOT what I am after – I know it will cut down my job chances are fair bit, but I really don’t want to get stuck in another job like I am now.

We are also contemplating selling our place and moving further out….we are sick of being in the city and would like to be closer to our friends – consdiering the amount of time we spend travelling to see them it would be worthwhile…lol….

I am scouring through all the government jobs, at places like the Vic police  as a civilian, I suppose the thought of helping them out in anyway seems kind of cool, since I am too chicken to even contemplate being a cop….lol….maybe my admin can contribute to making this place safer for us…heehhe  we shall see how that pans out….

Otherwise the boi and I are very well, had a great Lughnasadh night!!  Full of laughter and food, was one of the best sabbats the last year…maybe coz we are feeler abit better about where we are heading with our lives…..

Anyway we are toottling off to a mates bday dinner, so will type more later… to you all soon


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