money money money

ahhh living the life is great!!  We have finally gotton on top of all of our bills!!! WOOOOOOT…lets just keep i that way for a while…..I am going to ring up about my mobile and have phone cals removed off my phone so i can only sms from it….it is too darn expensive…I am considering the idea of going to prepaid with my number, I am so sick of getting bills for huge amounts of money and I have no idea how…..OH well…. I am also just going to try not to use the damn thing…ehehehh

but all in all…we have a couple more things to pay off but they are going to be week to week type things which is how is should be !!  and I am soooo excited about it 🙂

Ahh it is nice to not have people calling us every week asking when we are going to pay them 🙂  I am loving it and thought you should all know as well 🙂  hehehe



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