Shopping and vegetarianism

MMMMMMM  i love shopping!!  exra bonus in the pay today for my annual leave loading which was a nice surprise – so I went shopping for the boy and bought him some new tshirts and short sleeve shirts… 🙂 I hope he likes them – he s so picky when it comes to clothes!!  eheheheh

And PA now has a PO Box!!  woot…very exciting for me – very boring for you all I am sure…. 😀

The boi and I have also stopped eating meat for this detox we are doing…and it is painful let me tell you – as a couple who eats meat almost every meal and cannot get enough of the stuff this is painful.  I had to make felafals lasy night (which i hate but had fun learning how to make the things) and tomorrow night I am going to be making vineleave thingies which I have also never made before…which will be fun…..I am learning also at some point how to use filo pastry as I have never made anything with it and apparently filo pastry can be really YAY to me for trying to make impossible things……BUT damn  i want a STEAK!!  once this is all overI think I am going to have a BBQ and cook up every type of meat known to man!! 

Not much else has been going on really….just chomping through all this PA stuff in the hopes of winning some members over to the dark side 🙂 hehehe  will see how that pans out later!!

Hugs and kisses


3 thoughts on “Shopping and vegetarianism

  1. minxee says:

    No Meat?
    LOL oh. my. god – that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard coming from you two – far out. How are you going to cope girl?
    I suggest you to Enlightened Cuisine in Southbank for a meal you’d swear had meat in it. It’s a vegan place and I went there often when I was in Melb and on a vegan diet.
    Then again, I really did like the Nepalese place we ate at too when I wasn’t on a vegan diet.
    Would love to see your recipes – I think you’ve already sent me the vineleaf one aaaaaages ago, but I’ve lost it. Can you re-send or port it to your LJ perhaps?

    • dragonray says:

      Re: No Meat?
      yeah it is hard minxee…I ma kind of losing the point…and I am so tired….i think i need more spinach and brocolli…heheh…i will hunt down the recipe for you…I might add the felafel one here as was quite nice…even considering how much i hate chick peas….next time i will add more herbs.. 🙂 it has howver given me a new appreciation for vegos…Now I have hard evidence they are complete nutters!!! ehehehehe

  2. Anonymous says:

    Old Contact
    Hey Mel
    Don’t think i have any of your contact details.
    Am busy as all hell but would love to have a good long chat and catch up. I have the same mobile and email… call me..
    Your slack ol Sydney friend.

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