On thrusday at 10.03am, homocide detectives came into work and arrested one of our friends from work. They cuffed hgim outside the office and we all felt terrible for him being out there with his head down and so despressed.

Thursday afternoon was terrbile, we had no information about why he was being taken away. Friday we all came back to work and expected him to be there saying it was a mistake and they meant to get someone else, we could cope with that right?? We we VERY wrong. Then we heard there was people being charged with trafficking drugs only – we prayed and prayed it was him for the drugs only….First thing when I got into work at 7.25am someone showed me an aricle that mentions murder. MURDER??? how is that possible. We later found out our mate and 4 other people were involved in the body in the boot murder in November last year.

We are in shock more than anything and don’t know what to even think or feel, we knew him at work as a funny guy always laughing and joking around, someone who always thought of others before himself. I am feeling betrayed and I have no idea how he came to work every day and acted normal with us, acted as if his life was normal – when he clearly wasn’t leading a normal life.

I have trouble imagining him in jail or being held because of what they say he was involved with. I don’t understand it. And I feel horrible for not being able to hate him, he was a mate and I don’t understand why he would have done it…I guess that is what people always say about their friends that have been charged with things like this.

I can’t type anymore I am too depressed and fighting back tears again, don’t hate me for not hating him…He was a different guy


4 thoughts on “why?

  1. mrapophis says:

    Court is to determine guilt. Surely it is wrong to hate someone for a crime that they may, or may not be guilty of. At least wait until the trial is over before you go getting depressed about not hating someone whose guilt is undetermined, and whose role in the crime is as yet unknown.

  2. minxee says:

    wow that’s heavy – I can certainly understand how you feel.
    Is this the young guy we had lunch with heaps when I was in Melb last year? Why I think it might be him I have no idea – not judging his character at all either.
    It’s hard to know what to think about these kinds of things. Give yourself some time and space and don’t feel that you have to feel anything in particular.

    • dragonray says:

      i dont think we had lunch with him last year actually…might have bee one of the other guys…..I am starting to be ok with it, then i will remember it and get all weird again about it…..

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