2007 already

well since it seems to be the time of year for reflection, I thought I should do some as well…..

I have been very slack this year and it has not been at all a good year.

Yes I got married this year but it was not “the best night of my life” and nor do i ever want to remember it like that as it would be a lie…….I did have a good night sort of, but the lead up was horrendous….and all the family stuff was just too much to bear….lets not mention the hens night – that makes me so angry just thinking about it….

Then we had a complete year of money problems, which has still not ended, we are likely to be finally through the hurdle next week with our tax coming in, but it has beena very hard slog and I don’t think I could make it through another year like that again.

4 major operations in the space of 6 months was not how I wanted to spend my year and nor will i ever really deal with the fact that my throat closes when i get knocked out and stop breathing!! Death stood in my operating theatre with the summerlands just out of sight…wasn’t my time so it would seem….

Work was absolutely horrible – team leader was a cockstick, the new one we got in April was a MASSIVE improvement and is wonderful, but the overall company amazes me every day with how stoopid some people are and I am very much over it, but having to get another job freaks me out slightly.

I have also been a horrible friend this year more so than normal, as I have been so consumed with the wedding, health and money issues I have forgotten to stop and appreciate the poeple that I know are my friends….so for all of you out there I am sorry!!

ON a more positive note,coz it wasn’t all bad!! I promise!! my training into witchcraft has been HUGE this year!! I am learnt so much and have met so many people that are wonderful in so many ways!! i was also fortunate enough to be chosen as the Vic state co-ordinator for the Pagan alliance – go me!! So that is a definate upper if you ask me 🙂

And then of course the best bit of the last year has been my hubby – through thick and thin he has supported me and pulled me back from the brink of destruction, he has provided me with such beautiful love and encouragement over the last year – that I probably wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for him. NO matter how much i scream, cry or laugh, he is always there beside me, loving me.

I hope you all have had a wonderful Xmas, or Midsummer and that everything you wish for the new year comes at a time when you need it most!! Be safe over the next few days and make sure you have a few drinks for me!!

Talk to you all soon – maybe I shoudl actually start reading this a bit more this coming year – if all goes well 🙂


2 thoughts on “2007 already

  1. crsg says:

    Ick, Hens night… almost as bad as Stag Parties. And I’ve certainly seen enough of those come into work.
    Good on you on the Pagan stuff. Sounds awesome! 🙂

  2. darqrat says:

    Damn, what an eventful year O_O
    I really hope 2007 will bring you happiness and comfort and relaxation to you and yours!
    I live in Springvale now. Do you ever want to catch up for coffee ever again? 😀 I hope so…

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