tibetan mastiffs

ok the most gawjus dogs in the world and this is what we want to buy….one day – they only have one cycle a year and therefore don’t have that many pups!! BUT I AM IN LOVE!!!! They are the most gawjus dogs I have ever spent time with and look at them!! how much cutre could they get!!! HONESTLY!!!


SQEEEE!! I belive is the correect term for it!


4 thoughts on “tibetan mastiffs

  1. mrapophis says:

    Are you guys still coming down on the weekend? I sent an email, but received no reply…

    • dragonray says:

      ahhh my sweet KN!! yes we are still coming!! We are hoping to be there friday night at about 7.30 if all goes according to plan…..our dragonray emails aren’t working they are having a problem with something or ather…blah !! I say….anyhoo!! we shall be there!! With bells and tingling things on out toes!!

      • mrapophis says:

        Hehe, cool. Thanks for the update. I sent it to the blackberry one, far as I know…
        Anyhow, doesn’t matter now that I know your best method of contact is LJ. 🙂
        See ya tomorrow, then.

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