holy motor

I found out last night my boss’s band is playing in Brunswick tonight, so I was giving him crap about it last night and asked him how rocky they were, well he lent me his rehearsal CD – which needless to say is not the nest quality – but gave me a great idea of what they sound like and I have to say I really like them a fair bit actually…..

So I might head down there tonight and sit and listen to them play and make him all embarrassed…

Onto other things now….stargate atlantis season 2 is coming out in oct/nov and I REALLY wish time woudl go faster for the next month so I can get it when it comes out – providing we are back on track – I am kind of getting over season 1 mind you John Sheppard (no idea of his RL name) is simply edible and I think he should be in everything simply for perve value…mmmmmm or maybe Tony from NCIS….mmm too many cute guys in programs at the moment….

I shouldnt have said the above coz my boi will get upset with me…giggle…although he does know I have a slight (pfft…MASSIVE more like it) crush on the both of them…giggle…

The bois mum has to go in for surgery again in Sept, so i may need to take about 10 days off to look after her, hopefully the knee recon will fix her damn leg, I also found out when i spoke to her the other day that it is her bad leg that is getting done not her good one, so I am very relived about that. Although she still refuses to go and have her heart surgery and she doesnt want to go back to her cancer dr because she is pretty much set on the idea that it will have come back again….and since tuesday when lucy passed she has been really pushing the point of coming to live with us….so we really need to start organising it for her…I need to send in the forms for the little bungalow so they can send someone out to see if our property is viable….hrmm…maybe do that tonight actually…All in all, if we get her down her we can then make sure she gets her heart fixed before the stents collapse….

On other news my mums continued record of married men lurks again, she met a nice guy on a train with no ring then ater a few drink dates etc she finds out he is married???? WTF?? Wear your damn ring you sleazeball….!!! So if anyone knows of some nice 48 – 55’s year old single men with no young children, send them over to my mum, she needs a nice man in her life – just for something different for her… 🙂 But they can’t look like they are 100…HHAHA and they can’t be short….and they have to have a nice job – and be well educated….lol…and the list goes on…LMAO…she cracks me up!!

Anyway I will do some work now….I want some chips now thanks to heo3…grrrr :o)


2 thoughts on “holy motor

  1. angel_wiings says:

    Your partner’s mother comming to live with you guys, is a big responsibility. Good on you for being so beautiful about it. Gorgeous.
    I agree with you, about the wedding ring thing. What is with that and men? Man.. too many men hit that age and have a mid life crisis I think. Insane!

  2. he03 says:

    Hehehe, some men genuinely forget to put on their wedding rings when they are doing work with their hands. My dad took his off when he was doing some concrete work on our drive way and forgot about it. He got a couple appraising glances when he went to Bunnings for more supplies, and an earful from Mum when they got home! Lol.
    Hee! How’s your chippie sandwhich tasting?

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