from csrg

OK so here is mine – You might begin to notice a theme for the below…I swear it is not deliberate…

The first anime you ever watched?  Samurai X
The anime you’ve just finished watching?  Howl’s Moving Castle
The anime you’re watching now?  Anything Miyazaki
Your favourite anime genre?  Miyazaki
Your favourite anime you’ve watched?  Samurai X and or Vampire hunter D
Your first anime crush?  Ruroni Kenshin
Your latest anime crush?  Howl
An anime character that makes you laugh?  The pig!! Porco rosso.
Your first het pairing? ??  No idea what that means!! NUBNESS ALERT
Your first slash pairing? T omoe and Kenshin – i think that is the correct answer for the question I don’t understand…
Your favourite actual shoujo-ai anime? come again??
Your favourite actual shounen-ai anime? speak engrish damn you?
Your weakness?  SAMURAI!!! and big eyes
Your favourite piece of music?  My neighbour totoro opening theme in engrish
Your favourite artwork?  Miyazaki


One thought on “from csrg

  1. crsg says:

    Yeah, Howl is very nice… its one anime I can watch and love watching in English (I usually watch anime subbed) because Howl’s voice especially in dubbed is -yummy!-

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