Can someone please tell me how to make all my comments unscreened??? I have the settings already set to unscreen – I think?? lol


6 thoughts on “screening?

  1. rantingjules says:

    It’s waaay down the page where you change your profile info last I checked.
    Are you back for good now?

    • dragonray says:

      yeah i seem to be…lol….have nothing much else on in my life at the moment, so will be nice to be back onhere!! ehehhe
      how have you been anhway?

      • rantingjules says:

        How was the wedding?
        I’ve been good. I’m moving back to the States as soon as possible. How about you?

      • dragonray says:

        whAT HAPPENED?
        Do you hate it here that much love?

      • rantingjules says:

        Honestly…yeah. I’ve been so unhappy these past two years because no one seems to want to make friends outside of their own groups. And to be honest, I’ve heard and felt a lot of anti-Americanism here. People just don’t seem to be willing to make new friends, and Nick is my only friend here.
        Aside from that, Nick wants a job where he can advance in his profession, and there’s no room for that where he’s at now (and not many other prospects in Australia). I also want to go back to uni, which I can’t afford to do here.

      • rantingjules says:

        So…yeah. I friended you again. I thought you never showed up anymore like another one of my other LJ friends, so I figured you wouldn’t mind me “unfriending” you before. If you want to do the same, cool. Otherwise, yeah. Your choice. 😉 Glad to see you’re back, though!

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