census 2006

after an arguemnt with the boi about the Census I have decided to vent my frustration, I disagree with people wanting to know everythign there is to know about me all in one form. I know the governemnt has the answers to all the questions they ask, simply by doing some work and peicig it toegther, so why don’t they. I don’t want to fill out some damn stoopid form giving them permission to fuck me over a barrel without lube whenever they decide it.,…pfft….I dnt agree with it and i think you should have the choice to not fill it out…..bullshit we have free will. we have free will when they say we can have it…fuckers…i know i sound like one of those paranoid wankers with tin foil etc, but i swear I am not…I just dont like it…..I REALLY DONT!!


2 thoughts on “census 2006

  1. perfect_riot says:

    I personally think the census is great.
    How are they going to fuck you over?

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