paganism in victoria

Since my journal doesnt have any pagans on here that I don’t want, I feel I can say this with safety…

Pagans in vic sucks dogs balls….

After the recent debarcle with one of my best friends, both online and IRL, I am appalled that they are even calling themselves pagans, wiccans, witches or other.  I cannot belive the lack of ability or tact that any of the “people in power or authority” hold in this state.  I have been practising as most of you know, for fucking years…almost what – 13 years or so now…. which means I belive i have a pretty good idea of the ways things should be done and handled.  never mind the fact that my brain power must far exceed some of the others out there….

My first example of course if the full moon circle I witnessed in eltham a few weeks ago…a bunch of heathen gorillas really…if you were there you would have thought we had gone tramping throuigh the forest with  jane goodall in a remake of gorillas in the mist….nevermind the fact that they swept the circle but didnt actually raise it, which probably explains why they walked out of the circle with no thought for opening a doorway when offereing me cakes and ale which I didn’t want considering I wasn’t even in the damn circle.  Shall we continue onto the raising of energy , i think it was three times….and then just standing there???  Oh no i forget we were supposed to help the “HP” be able to communicate better or some crap – sorry – who the fuck are you and why should i help you communicate better? how about passing ebergy to those we love that are ill or need a confidence boost or something??? hurumpppf…..

I understand that everyone does there thing their way but in an open circle it is not meant to be their way – it is meant to be plain….like having no butter on toast plain….it is supposed to show newbies how it is done and how it works and what it feels like to work in a group, not what gorillas sound like when they mate.

Oh I almost forgot the best part….the asking of everyone else to actually do the circle…????????   WTF!!!!  Honestly it is your circle you dumb arse fuckwits…do it yourself…lemme just fuck my monkey and go home…GRRRR  I also found out from my friend that the HPS and HP were so “offended” that people watched instead of joining in and that we didn’t take cakes and ale that they were unsure of how to handle it??  Excuse me – i partook of the crappy sparkling mineral water you offered as ale and I took the fucking crushed up tim tam (which i hardly think requried a gold coin donation to pay for the fucking cost of)  so back off you whingy whiney fuckers…..secondly…i would have gone into circle until you decided to so politely not even introduce yourself to people who were obviously new to the circle and had never met any of you before….and even more so was disinclined to join in after you asked people to do all the work.

Oh quick note about imbolc rituals at the other place – don’t invoke fucked up “deities” to cover your inept abilities to connect to the divine….get some training you pansies and stop thinking that you are sooo great becuase you invoke hecate and bapomet into rituals of welcoming back the light….you all need to be sent back to the jungle with your arse over a barrel without lubrication and wait for the silverback to some and rape you…….

Anyway all of the above has come down to one factor….I am so happy that for the last 4 years I have avoided the pagans down here…..

Sorry for the rant, but after hearing about it for the last few days in great detail I thought I should just get it out of my system for you comment on in here if you like in a safe place where you are not likely to get your arse chewed off for it… :p

Anyway back to work for me now I have that out of my system….

ps: – It would be nice to meet more pagans down here, to hang out with and do circle with, but I don’t want them if they are going to act like the people I have heard about for the last few days.

PPS:  if you want to complain and act like a 12 year old about this post then be my guest – this is MY post and MY journal and I am allowed to post whatever the fuck i want…since most of it is based in fact except for the obvious references to fuckwits and stoopidity (i don’t know them personally – I am glad i don’t) so I will say what i like…. 🙂


2 thoughts on “paganism in victoria

  1. laneth says:

    I literally laughed-out-loud many times during that post, at work
    no less…the ladies here were looking at me weird..I was glad they
    didn’t come over because they’re conservative catholic women…(god knows
    how I got my job here…lol…get the pun?)
    Honestly, that is the funniest shit I’ve read online in such a long
    time, I give you 10 free internets!

  2. minxee says:

    that felt better didn’t it? 😉

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