so it starts

I am going to fernwood tonight to have a chat to them about me being so obese I can barely tie my shoelaces!!

I am nervous and freaked out and scared and all the other things taht come with that – but I am sick of being fat, I am sick of looking at myself in the mirror and seeing two chins, I am also sick of all my friends looking great in clothes I would love to buy but know there is no chance I would fit even one tow into.

I am severley unmotivated and I think this might be the thing I need to get into it, I am going to try to go as often as possible even if I only do 20 mins of something….at least I will be doing something…..

I am also going to start a little diary of how much I do, how much I have lost and pictures etc- everything is going in there….also i will be quitting smoking if i start at the gym because there is no point fixing myself if I am going to smoke – welkl not in my head anyway – it will just make it harder to work out if I can’t breathe is all….

So tonight at 7.30pm I will be deciding if they can motivate me as much as I hope they can and maybe I can find a gym buddy while I am there which will help me a fair bit…

Anyway wish me luck that in a few months time I will look sexy for mny wedding and happier and healthier etc etc etc!!!!

hugs and kisses


4 thoughts on “so it starts

  1. belisteri says:

    **hugs and kisses**
    you can do it, and youll look great!!
    i too am trying to loose all the weight i put on 😦

  2. minxee says:

    I agree….You can do it. I know it’s bloody hard. I’m on again/off again at Fernwood too. I think the secret is just getting into the routine of going there.
    I’m starting back tomorrow. I ate my last high fat chinese meal today – gotta focus on eating better and getting my butt moving.
    *hugs* I know you can do this hon – I’ve seen you do it all before 🙂

  3. dragonray says:

    thanks guys!!! fingers crossed for me and I am sure i will get there..then i can post sexy piccies of myself everywhere!!! ROFLMAO

  4. HEY!!!!=DDD nice to see ya!
    Whats Fernwood? Diet clinic? I’ve just decide I MUST do something too. I’m tired of it. goona strat back at the gym… was going to say tomorrow but its after one am… somehow I don’t think so.=P
    Nice to see ya bcak. Back for good? Hope so.=DDD

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