happy new years everyone….i see you all had a wonderful night filled with alcohol and other things…mine was not so exciting….stayed home and vegetated with some mates…was very nice…

our wedding has come together – everything is paid for, i am making the last payment on my wedding dress this week and then we are set….nothing else to get organised – well expcet for the invites which we will be organising the printing for this week….and then hopefully having them sent out shortly…

life is still chugging along – i had to give up WoW for a while as I have no time to play it and just don’t have the need to anymore…

I have started smoking again – bad girl i know – but i just needed something and i thought smoking would give me the mental release and it does help me when i am getting stressed etc – i know i know it is all in my head – but i am not kidding yself thinking i am not an addict – i was born with nicotine in my system and i think that is why i keep going back to them….

nothing much else has happened..am just trying to get through the wedding at the moment…so we shall see how that goes…..

hope you are all well and i will see you all soon!!! HUGS AND KISSES


One thought on “

  1. minxee says:

    Missing you hon!
    *where’s my invite dammit*?!?!!?!?
    *smacks you* for the smoking thing…but we all have our vices hey?
    *hugs* will send you a big rambly long email soooooooon 😀

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