hey all…sorry long time no write…have been sooo busy with life

me and the boi have had the flu for the last week or so and have gone through about 5 tissue boxes – neither of us feels very good….bleh such is life

my new job is excellent so i am really happy i got it. still waiting for my payrise they stuffed up my pay…great …

um..what else..not much really life has been doing the usual thing…we got the fences done, new car, new laptop and not much else.

please email me guys as i will get back to you that way….

dragonray at dragonray dot org

oh by the way between guildwars and world of warcraft – i have realised i am a nerd and a geek and i just have to be content with that…lol

catchyas….how you are all well and life not throwing you lemons – but if they do make sure you grab the salt and tequila and have a great night!!!


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