wedding plans

well wedding plans are coming along…we have booked the reception place now, and i am hopefully booking the dj today – should time and availablity permit…..

we went and saw this palce last night

and basically fell in love – the photos don’t really do it justice..but it is nice and “cosy” with enough room to keep everyone away from each other… very excited……

anyway…have to choof off now…will chat to you all later….


5 thoughts on “wedding plans

  1. minxee says:

    that place looks GORGEOUS!!! WOW!
    I would definitely do my wedding/handfasting in a place like that too!!

  2. rantingjules says:

    Very nice place, and the catering prices are also *really* good. Good work finding that place!

  3. There you are! You’re a busy girl these days.
    I suck at that whole retaining information thing, what date have you set for the wedding?

  4. that’s such a quaint little place – i think it will make for a gorgeous reception!!

  5. dragonray says:

    yeah it is a bit nice!!! am very excited about it!!!
    mmmm and beautiful city views from the balcony as well so it will look great for the wedding photos etc….

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