do a dance

well all very exciting isn’t it…….


I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYYA…I have tried numerous times to get into this position and i finally have!!! Adviser Relationship Manager!!! FINALLY!!!! after four years of trying i finally did it!!! i finally had a great enough interview to prove to them i am capable!!!!

*victory dance*

i have been bouncing off thew walls ever since lunch time yesterday!!!!! WOO FUCKING HOO!!!!

rather generous pay rise for me (kind of makes up for all the years without one – if you follow my drift) and i will be starting on 30/05/05(there are two of us starting and so they want to train us at the same time – which is kind of cool coz then i wil have someone to help and be helped by) and the team leader seems really nice (although always different when you get into a team i know) but he seems really nice – so YAYAAYYAYA for me!!!

I get to make people happy by enhancing their service experience with my company!!!! WOOT WOOT….WOT WOOT

ok i am going now!!! my icon is rather appropriate i think


7 thoughts on “do a dance

    i’m happy for you!
    well done! *does a victory dance with you*
    what company is it?

  2. darqrat says:

    CongRATulations!!!! 😀
    That is awesome! ^_^

  3. mrapophis says:

    Congratulations! About bloody time. Sounded like you were getting quite sick of your current job. Now, if only Sketch and I could find decent jobs with decent pay, and hours… 🙂

  4. belisteri says:

    *yay for u* !!!!
    @>–>— a rose for the brillant gal!

    Good on ya sister! ♥

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