woo hoo

second day of holidays and i am feeling great- have spent far too much money on things and have bought some new clothes – more accidental than anything but they were on special etc so i couldn’t very well say no…lol….still need some new shoes…bought the boy some new gear as well – not as much as i woudl like – but the fashion for men these days suck!!!! stripes or pink and lets face it – i couldn’t even handle buying anything for him so what is the chances he was going to like it??? slim to none i reckon!!!

nothing much else is happening…the bois mother went home yesterday, so we have some quiet time now….which is kind of cool….

my cousin moved in with us but hasn’t been home at all….so am unsure what they hell she is doing?? LOL….but no skin off my nose…

am still waiting to hear about my job – keep the fingers crossed

and am now going to go and play some games justthought i woudl give a quick update to get some of these thoughts out of my head….lol

hugs and kisses


2 thoughts on “woo hoo

  1. belisteri says:

    i would luv to buy paul some new clothes!! he could use the help 🙂

  2. oh i understand the clothing for men thing! PINK? what the heck. i think it’s horrible.
    WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN LADY? haven’t spoken to you in a while 😦

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