sad news

it doesn’t look like we are going to japan now.. 😦 we have postponed it until next year or so…i am so depressed – i was looking forward to being overseas again…..but unless i can find a second job and get some extra money for the wedding the trip is off……maybe it can be my bridal registry – at harvey world travel….

anyway, i paid for the photographer last night – i had been very lax in my duty..ehhe…the boi and i can’t dedide on cars or reception……so we are tossing it all around still…..since we not going to japan we can probably have a spussed up reception – as long as it is not thousands upon thousands of dollars….

anyway just depressed about not going to japan but the boi was right last night we need to spend the money here first before we can justify it….for example, we need a second car – it is becoming increasingly difficult to share a car between two people when one works the hours he does…i mean simple things like i need the car for shopping tonight, so he has to catch the train in and then i go and pick him up when he finishes work…i just find it frustrating…it also means i am unable to go anywhere when he is working late hours because i have no car to get anywhere…..

blah blah blah bitch bitch bitch – it is all i seem to do at the moment!!!

WHAT CAN’T WE HVE MORE MONEY TO GO TO JAPAN WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooo depressed…but hey – i am getting married right? so i should be so fucking excited about that…how sad is it that i am more excited about going overseas that having a church wedding….i think i am mental!!!!

no that is not strictly true – i am excited about the wedding – i just dont’ like it when i can’t have what i want…we shoudl be able to afford everything and anything and I must be some crappy girlfriend because we can’t do the things we want to that will make the boi happy…


3 thoughts on “sad news

  1. rantingjules says:

    Fuck. Are you, like, channeling yourself into my brain or something? Nick and I also have to postpone our NZ trip for a lack of money! Unfortunately, it’s not because of our upcoming wedding (been there, done that), but because I’m such a fucking MORON with money and put us in a huge hole. I’ve been so incredibly depressed the past two days because Nick doesn’t have the money to get what he wants too.
    I think you and I need to get together and have our own little pity party coffee session. 😉 Empathy rocks.

  2. you’re not a crappy girlfriend just because you can’t do some things for him. don’t say that! i’m sure he understands and still loves you!

  3. belisteri says:

    ur not crappy, just work on getting the money then the trip will be even sweeter!!

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