well today is boring!!! i feel bored all the time…i am just bored!! bored bored bored…although my pretty new pc tower makes up for some of the boredom when i get to staring at it….lol…..(it has lights on it that change colours up the sides – WOO HOO)

bored again….so bored!!!!


2 thoughts on “boredom

  1. oo.
    damian put a computer together for a friend and it had bubbley lights up this side that changed.

  2. fuzzpaul says:

    Guess who’s going to Melbourne….
    Mel, I will be flying down to Melbourne (99% certainty) in the middle of June. One of my Dutch friends (whom I met in Ireland in 2003) will be there for a conference so I told her I’d go down to meet her. ANYWAY, please email me (fuzzpaul at hotmail dot com) and let me know what the chances are of me seeing you! 😉 LOVE YOU MISS YOU SEE YOU IN A MONTH!

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