next week

it can’t come soon enough huh?

i have the whole week off to play with my new pc and play all my lovely games!!! giggle…i am soooooo excited…but this week is dragging like a…a…a…something….

i am sooo excited about it – still don’t know if the boy is having it off as i might be home alone..but hey…not bothered…..

the boi is addicted to guild wars – he is getting me a copy tonight so i can get addicted…lol…i am sooo excited about having a new game to play….espeically since my new pc can handle it….

if you haven’t guessed i can’t be bothered brain will not focus because i am sick of doing suspense…so my mind is going numb!! i only have another 2.5 hours to get through…joy – and i still liekly to get trhough more work than half the poeple here….

i am also trying to find a second job that is cash in hand…so if anyone knows of any going in melb, please let me know!!! i need extra money so i cna pay for this bloody wedding and i can work everynight and weekends!!! hehehe…and lets face it more money is never going to be a bad thing!!! giggle

talk to you all soon!!!!


2 thoughts on “next week

  1. mm money. i don’t know of any jobs.. but (if you’re into this) stores are open till 9 on thurs and fri, so maybe pick up a job for those nights, and weekends aswell.
    you’ll be buggered that hay!
    hooray for games!!

  2. darqrat says:

    The only job I know of at the moment where they need workers is a telemarket place in the city…..5 to 9pm…..homephone surveys..pays alright…but it is pretty horrible. 😦
    Sorry that I can’t be of much use.

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