wedding plans and stuff

well so far nothing is organised…LOL…we have a few things like photography, bridal party etc organised – i have to pay the deposits to secure them, we are going to see the priest on saturday for the church i would like to get married in – the boi hasn’t seen it yet, so i am hoping he will fall in love with it – as long as it is as beautiful as i remmeber it to be!!!

I am going to try and organise a BBQ/dinner thing for the bridal party in the next few months, so they can all get to meet each other before the wedding and so we can figure out the logistics of it…so will have to base it on kn’s schedule as he is the only one out of easy reach…

minxee – yay that Nat is back!! you must be sooo excited and happy and all the rest of it!! Did he have a great time over there? tell him to post some photos for us!!! ehhe and definately yes to the dance classes!!! very cool way to excercise!!! i want to take up rnb/freeform classes but i can’t justify the expense!!!

nattie – hope all is well at home!!! HUGS coz iam sure you need them!!!

nic – you drunk!!! giggle…great shots of you falling about the place!! had a good night did we??? how long you staying away from the internet to get your homework done??? lol…eheh muffins suck when they burn – you get al excited abouthaving some and then in one minute they are overdone and all that effort is gone!!!

belisteri – i love the zoo – you got some great shots…i never good nice ones like that!!! take me with you when yougo next time ok?? giggle

ranting – i love the poster!! so cool and woudl definately put you ina creative mind!! coffee this week? i am free every night after about 6.00 so i will email you about it tonight

bainidhe – *wishes* you have internet now!!! *end wishes* did it work??? have fun at the frat party….

rangoth – hugs….i woudl email you if i had your addy!! poor thing you just have shitty friends!!!

and since i have had so little time to catch up on you all…i hope all is going well and that you are all smiling!! it is horrible when you get behind on lj coz it takes ages to catch up!! i promise i will do it soon and add more friendly comments of love and hope!!! (NOT!!!!) HAHAHAHA

not much else is happening at the moment, our half yearly appraisals are today at work so i will find out how i am tracking thus far and as usual i will probably be pissed about it…lol…ah well you can’t win all the time….so i am a little nervous and worried at the moment…

anyway i better go and get some work done coz otherwise i will be in big trouble!!! so much to do and not enough energy to do it!! giggle….


3 thoughts on “wedding plans and stuff

  1. darqrat says:

    Heya 🙂
    I haven’t been able to ring or catch up with you lately. Sorry about that : / I hope all is well and you and Drew are doing fine 🙂
    Talk to you soon.

  2. belisteri says:

    must be exciting organising a wedding 🙂

  3. rangoth says:

    rangoth @

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