hi all quick update – went away to my dads house in frankston on the weekend and i come back and certain people who shall remain anmeless fill up the lj with entries!!! heeheh bored sweety????

i awill catch up and comment on everyone in the next few das – maybe even tonight

but had a great weekend away was nice to chill out on the peninsula area….

nothing else to say really am too tired to think…will write late…have too many thoughts buzzing around and i can’t focus!!

hugs and kises


One thought on “weekend

  1. hahahaha. sorry.
    i don’t question myself too much when i say that i was the one who filled up your friends page?
    i looked at your friends page and theres like 6 from me in a row!
    haha. yes, i was bored.
    *hangs head in shame*

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