wedding plans – skip if you like

ok, so the wedding plans are coming along….I am going to send emails out to companies today for photography, catering, flowers, and cars…we shall see what responses we get back.

I bought a scrap book to keep a record of everything and also some photos etc. Nothing fancy but it means I will have everything in the one spot. I probably should have bought a folder type thing, but well doesn’t matter – i am having fun with my creation!!

We have to decide between two churches currently the scots church in collins and russell sts or the maronite church in coburg that i was baptised in. We are going to have a look at them both tomorrow and see which we prefer. One is a hell of a lot more expensive than the we don’t know yet.

Neither of us can decide on cars so we might just go the limo idea….shrugs…will see what i can find anyway….

We know which caterer we would like to use and they have a great selection and are not too badly priced. MMMMM spit roast for dinner!!!

we are hoping to keep things on the chea side…i am taking up a second job for a few times during the week to get some extra money – pays 22 an hour in a gaming room, so that is pretty cool!!! just getting all the paperwork etc worked out at the moment – fingers crossed i get it!!! the extra money would be great right about now….

better go and do some plan have to stop coz the housework never does…..


9 thoughts on “wedding plans – skip if you like

  1. rantingjules says: has really cheap candles, and I got my veil from a seller on eBay for $20. It’s not the top of the line material, but it was exactly what I wanted. You can also make them for a hell of a lot cheaper than you can buy them, too. I can help you out with that one.
    I can also help you out with your invitations if you want. I don’t know what theme you’re going for, but I’m actually considering going into the wedding stationary business for myself. I have a bunch of designs that I can make, or I can work with you to come up with a design specifically for what you want. I’ll try to find a picture of our wedding announcement that I made to give you one idea. I’ll also make them for cheap (only the cost of the materials), and then I can put one of them in my design portfolio for college. 😉

    • dragonray says:

      yeah am checking out ebay for all the bits and peices….haven;t yet found any veils i like – although i think i will settle for naything with the prices in stores!!!!

  2. rangoth says:

    Game Room? Can I come???? 🙂

  3. belisteri says:

    wow!! bet it will be great 🙂

  4. how exciting!
    woo @ 22 dollars an hour! haha. that’s what i get on public holidays.

  5. fuzzpaul says:

    ding dong
    Mel… be aware that with a second job comes a SHITLOAD of taxing.. or so I’ve heard lol. How exciting about the wedding. I bet the Maronite church is the one that’s charging more haha. St Charbel’s around the corner from me is renound for scabbing money off people. Oh well. Gotta make a living.
    So you’re getting married in February 2006… *checking my schedule*… yep. I’m clear. Nothing. on. I’m gonna be mighty bored around that time… I hope something comes up for me to do *hint hint* :-b lol

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