am feeling slightly iunder the weather..i have a massive headache – i think i am dehydrated…i have had a glass of water and will try to have a few more before the day is out – i haven’t been drinking a lot of fluids lately anyway, so it might be major part of it.

will have to start drinking at least a litre a day of water – so i am going to try and buy a litre glass bottle to leave on my desk at work and fill it every day – this will also help when i start at the gym…so it shoudl all work for a good cause.

not much else to say really work has annoyed me once again by saying that i am not in the priority team at al but in vic adviser and so i am the hanger on in the business unit now – so maybe they are trying to get rid o fme…shrugs no idea…might have to think about another job after we get back from japan.

still waiting to hear about the loan – which is annoying me to no end..i just wnt it sorted out and us to have the money so we can get the fences fixed and we can let boaz into the back yard again…..rather frustrating if you ask me…i should try to call homeside today but i really can’t be bothered with the crap…hehehe…

i also found out that i have about 1000 worth of shares that i can sell if i want to -which is kind of cool, but i am going to hold onto them for a while longer..i really out to work out the tax on them because i am sure to owe some to the ato….and then i should declare them every year as well…i just forget when it comes to tax time – originally i was under the impression tax was paid on them when they gt franked orsoemthing so i have only recently found out as well that they don’t – hence my worry now…..the total of shares i have is about 6000 so far so it is a nice little nest egg when i get them and if i stay here long enough i may get quite a bit more….which will be great….

i have applied for some more jobs and fingers crossed i will get one of them…i am so sick of being nothing in this company….if i don’t get any of them thne i will have to organise some way of doing some tafe courses do get further in life..i will do a business management course i think – it will give me the bwest outcome of jobs because i can then do anything really…later on i cna then think about doing more specific courses…so i think that is my plan – i just have to find the money to do it and maybe i can get work to reimburse me the money becasue i can use the course within the company…pretty cool idea and all i have to do is pass it to get them to pay – so i think i will try to do that this year – maybe when i get our mid year bonus(if we get one) or my dividendds from the shares….shrugs all things to consider and i will do the course in classes not via corresponance….

anyway i have to tootle off and do some more crappy suspense…will write mre later if i get the chance…


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