we set a date for our wedding!!!!

29th April 2006

so expect a lot of chat over the next few months about dresses, cakes,
photos and all the other blather normally discussed with weddings!!


i have been waiting for over a year for a date and i am so excited it is finally happening!!!


11 thoughts on “GREAT NEWS

  1. rantingjules says:

    YAY! Congrats! =) I wish I could plan my wedding again. It was so much fun!

    • dragonray says:

      i have only just started and i havea headache already – i just wish we could afford all the things i want – but alas we can’t so i have to do it on the cheap side of the ribbon…but we shall get there..

      • rantingjules says:

        Re: planning
        I did our entire wedding (wedding party attire, gifts, programs, announcements, invitations, rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception, decorations, music, photography, etc.) for $6000. I can’t really think of tips for you off hand since I don’t know what you’re doing, but if you have specific questions then I might be able to help.

      • dragonray says:

        Re: planning
        specific question – how in gods name did you do it for that little!!!!

      • rantingjules says:

        Re: planning
        LOL Because I’m good at being a tight-ass without making it look like I’m being a tight ass! 😉

  2. belisteri says:

    sounds so exciting!!!
    i wana get married now!!

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