well i am in here early today to get some hours built up/…lol…i am sadly lacking and today should give me at least 1.5 if i work it right….i will have a very short lunch!! and that shoudl make a big difference as well…

minxee – FYI your fav author was given a one page spread in our MX (free newspaper for train travellers printed every day) so i was blown away to know about her before then!! ehehe…thinking perhaps i shoudl jump on the bandwagon….

nothing much eles is happening – i am feeling ok and trying to get myself interested in th egym as the time is fast approaching that i will be joining there….my only concern is lack of vehicle when it is dark…but we shall see about that..

we are also thinking about doing a detox thing..you know they do work wonders and it woudl be a great way to kick start our health kick – as it were….one of the bois mates at work does them fairly regularly and swears by them…hrmm..i wonder if detoxing will some of my current stomach problems after all it is cleaning house really isn’t it? has anyone done detoxes before and how often and gimme all the non disgusting details if you would please!!!

kn if you read this today – call the boi – i have been telling him for the last two weeks to call you but he doesn;t want to call in the morning incase you are at work and then he gets home too late – but today…today he has the day off, so harass him if you get the chance will ya!!! i gave up yesterday coz i thought this woudl be easier and potentially quicker!!! eheheh that is on the assumption you have nothing better to do with your life than read my lj – but we know that is true right???

anyway going to start work now..since oi am here and tired..i was up at 5.30…yuck!!


5 thoughts on “

  1. mrapophis says:

    hehe, I have to work for half the day today, but once I’m done I’ll either catch him on the net (does he still use the net/IM?) or call him.

    • dragonray says:

      yeah he usually has icq open though…he is a little obsessed with vampire masquerade at the moment – he is enjoying feeding on people a little too much for my liking…so i don’t think he will be online much you might be best to call him….

      • mrapophis says:

        That half-day turned into a full day… Anyway, I’ve been keeping an eye out on ICQ for him, and haven’t sighted him. I sent him a hello message, incase he was just set invisible, or somesuch…
        Has he changed his ICQ number? If so, can you let me know via email what it is, please, or get him to send me an ICQ message instead.
        We’re too hard people to get in contact with, never know when we’re sleeping, or what-not.
        Anyway, catcha.

  2. minxee says:

    Aj Rochester – she’s fabulous!! Her books really did hit me hard….very confronting and inspirational at the same time.

  3. o, i’ve joined a gym also. i was going to try the detox thing, but it seemed to difficult.. haha.
    the gym doesn’t open for abotu 4-6 weeks still, it’s still being built. hehe

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