hehe i finally got my layout working properly in IE, now i have to see what it looks like in firefox….

thanks to my lj buddy for helping me out with that one..i fiddled a bit more and look what i did!!! hehehe

thank you so much you know who you are!!! you are wonderful i would just like to point out!!!

now to fix my content box ccoz i want a different one – but i think i will leave that until another day – i have wasted enough time at work alreday – mind you it was only about 15 minutes don’t tell anyone ok!!!


****edited – damn fucking bloody bastard…i doesn;t work on firfox…maybe it is because i have my res so high…no idea..will have to fiddle somr more…anyone out there please tell me if it works on your screen and doesn’t have any need to sctroll anywhere…..


13 thoughts on “booyah

  1. rangoth says:

    Screw IE 😛
    Its all about Firefox baby!

  2. yoooour welcome!
    i see you got the box thingo on the other side.
    what’s it suppose to look like?
    is the entry box suppose to be covering the dragon? hrm

  3. rantingjules says:

    I have my screen res too big, so I have to scroll. I dig the picture/colours, though.

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