is it so wrong of me that i don’t want to have children? my family act as if i have done a huge diservice to them by choosing not to breed….

i just don’t see the benefit of it….

here are my pros and cons

continuing the family name
maternal instinct will have been sated
get to teach and watch them grow

can’t leave them at home to go on holidays or for dinner
no guarantee they will grow up being well behaved with common sense
painful (labor – i mean reallywho wants to do that???
our children are not likely to have great health (heart problems, dementia, stroke, stomach ulcers and possibly diabetes are all in our family history)
every parent you know telling you how to raise them
continaul family connection because they will always want to see the grand kids
the world is bad enough now – imagine in 20 years time when my kids will be wanting to buy houses and get married how impossible it will be for them.

you get my drift anyway – this is why i don’t want to have kids….but i am the bad person for not wanting them…maybe it is selfish of me – but maybe itshoudl be my choice to be selfish for once in my life – espeically about something as huge as a baby


10 thoughts on “kids

  1. i don’t think that’s wrong of you.
    everyone feels differently about kids.
    don’t make anymore cons, you’ll turn me off them! lol
    and oooo @ your new layout.

    • dragonray says:

      ok ok no more cons re kids!!! ehehhe
      but i am trying to figure out my layout and it isnot doing what i want it to do..i wishi had more skills with html etc then i would have half a chance…lol
      but i will figure it our eventually.. i think….HAHAHAHA

  2. minxee says:

    it’s a personal choice.
    If you don’t want to have kids, that doesn’t make you a bad person, I mean, it’s not like having children is the only thing you’re going to do in your life.
    It’s definitely a topic that everyone has their own opinion on. Similarly, tonight on 60 Minutes they were discussing the National Party’s view on late term abortion – they want it banned; even if the child is severely deformed and will not survive labour. Now how fucked up is that?
    More info will be up there tomorrow.

    • darqrat says:

      Yeah that was really bad 😦
      Plus, what about the women who will die (and the child might too) if they deliver the child.
      Those women on the show really wanted to have their children too. It’s so sad 😦
      On another note, I’m a member of the voulentary human extinction project………no kids. My sister had the grandkids so I’m lucky in that aspect.

      • minxee says:

        I’ve always thought that “one day” I’ll settle down and have a child….I am starting to feel even now (at just on 27yrs old) that I am leaving things late. That I had better get my act together and seriously think about timing and how I’m going to be able to provide for a child in the future. I make no assumptions of having a supportive partner – or any partner at all.
        That may be the thing that stops me from living that….
        If I don’t have kids, then I’ll find plenty of other ways to share and live my life. Afterall, that’s what I’m doing now…

      • dragonray says:

        that was the other factor as well..i know i am only 26 (well soon enough anyway) but it seems like i have so much more i want to get done and i just can’t get kids in the schedule…sucks but well ….to bad for late bloomers i suppse!!!! heheehe

  3. rantingjules says:

    It’s not selfish! I don’t want any linoleum lizards myself…at least not right now. I actually almost hyperventilate at the thought of having a kid! Nick and I want to travel the world, and it’s kind of hard to do that with children. Everyone has to make that decision for themselves, and it looks like you thought it out carefully. (You also made some valid points.) I say, go girl!

    • dragonray says:

      is my main one!!! eheheh but dont tell anyone else that…..i want to go everywhere and see everything….not going to happenw ith kiddos i agree…so out they go!!!

  4. nattie_babe says:

    I know I’m only fifteen but I sure don’t wanna have kids either. I’ve seen enough births (with the whole view) to put me off for life. If I do have kids I want to adopt because there are already kids in the workd who don’t have families and why bring another into the world to push a nother aside. Plus if you adopt you don’t have to give birth!

  5. dragonray says:

    i always said i woudl do the whole surrogacy thing later in life…but well i am in later in life and thinking it is not so much what i want to do now..but i can see the benefit of adopting….

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