grrrr arrgh

i hate housework…who invented it? i want to know – more importantly who invented the idea that women should go to work all week and not have any time to do the housework during the day…..GRRRR

anyway can you see i am slightly anti-femiinist…*shock horror* run screaming quickly!!! heheeh

i have placed a link to the voodoo dolls website i have mentioned a few times on here…they are mostly semi-nude shots of bigger women (mainly goths) to show that phat chicks can be arousing….i have a friend on the site so have fun havign a squizz!!!

not much else to say…I am going to tootle off and finish the clothes washing (i have to hang it all out) and then i will probably be back to finish my LJ layout – not that i am getting anywhere with it but it has been a couple of months i think so it is time to update!!!

chat to you all later



4 thoughts on “grrrr arrgh

  1. you forgot to paste the link? hrm.
    and i agree with the working and the cleaning. not that i work all day, but i school! i suppose i can relate.. maybe?

  2. darqrat says:

    Nice site 😀
    I saw a lovely girl who I have met before, might be the same person as your friend.
    I’d love to be able to do that. Being a suicide girl would be cool too.
    And you can’t go wrong with beautiful, pierced/tattoed, curvey naked women. XD

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