ah hem

well what a day yesterday – my bro had his op and all was fine – so we are told…we shall wait for further info before getting too excited….

not much is going on as usual – i am thinking of going to the hairdressers and getting a new colour…or maybe i will just buy it from the store and do it myself!! na too much effort!!! lol

i am trying to get the hang of celtic kings and have no luck whatsoever…it is frustrating me more than anything else….so i will keep trying anyway….none of my games seems to be saving lately…so i am making a huge effort to make mental notes of whether or not i have actually saved them…

we bought some more dvd’s today – shocking i know…but that is life – we bought “seven”, robin hood prince of theives!!! and simpons season 5….was trying to track down stargate season 6 and had no luck – although i saw season 7 everywhere…lol…so may have to wait another week for stargate – although not impressed daniel isn’t in season 6 – he is my fav…so i might have a hard time enjoying it – but we shall see….angel season 5 is out too so i might try to buy that next week – see how the money plays along…..must update dvd list for insurance…incase anything happens!!! we ahve far too many to lose now….hehehehe…we could open a video ezy store in our lounge room i think…we very soon anyway…we are alsmot there…hehehe it is almost time to buy a huge bookcase for all the dvd’s as they are overflowing out of the cabinet we have for them…giggle….

so i might go and watch robin hood shortly….i have to make dinner as well so i will tootle off and do that then sit down to watch some good movies….YAYAY…so very excited….

hugs to all and hope you are all well and having a great night…talk to you all soon…



4 thoughts on “ah hem

  1. darqrat says:

    Heh, I was talking to mum last week about getting my hair chopped and coloured. I was even thinking a streak of red or something. I definatly need something different to lift it. Though I don’t want more than an inch taken from my hair…..Mine! *grabs her long long hair….my prrreeecciiouusss…..
    Hope it goes well with your brother 🙂

  2. oh, i hope your brother is doing fine!
    damian’s a big fan of stargate also.. i’ve never really watched it before. we’ve got seasons 2 and 4 here, well they’re my dads gf’s. eh.
    mm.. dinner. maybe i shall make some also. 🙂

  3. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is one of the best movies ever. i love the musical score in it.
    of course, Robin Hood: Men in Tights kicks ass as well =P

  4. Thats good news about you bro. I hope things work out.
    I haven’t seen Robin Hood in years! I love that movie! ♥

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