guess what?

i am bored again!!! hehehe

i am snowed under at work today coz the other girl in my team is away – so it is good coz i get to do something all day!!! AYAYAY….

nothing much to say really ,just wanted to get some random thoughts out of my head that have been buzzing around..

i hate hospitals
i should really write some more poety
i need a new job
why can’t i find a course i want to do
maybe i shoudl become a youth worker
i wish i could tpye properly
i just got told i do a wonderful job by a pdm *blush* he is going to see if they want me downstairs in his area as admin staff….
i wonder when our loan will be finalised
what should we ahve for dinner – i forgot to take something out
i wonder when the boi will ring me
i have so much stuff on my desk i am unsure where to start again

ok i think that is enough i have to get back into it!!

nice to empty the brain out sometimes



10 thoughts on “guess what?

  1. oh 😦 work sucks aye? what kind of course do you want to do?

    • dragonray says:

      thats the problem – i want to do everything and nothing…i can’t decide…everytime i think of one i woudl like to do something makes me think no – or it is far to expensive…or i get so confused at finding like three courses i woudl love to do i can’t decide and in the end i don’t do any!!! HAHAHA…i am hopeless…i think the main issue is i have no idea what i want to do when i grow up….so i think i should stick to something liek business management and just see where that takes me…hrmm..see of i go again!!!

      • Re: courses
        you know what, i’m the same.
        i’m doing year 12 so like all this pressure is on, but i can’t decide.. #1 teaching, #2 information technology, #3 accounting, #4 psychology.. eh.. it goes on.
        i’m not thinking about doing a body piercing/tattooing course. eh would be fun!
        may i ask – how old are you?
        if you’re not happy what you’re doing at the moment, steer right away from it? i’m knowing nothing about business management – not my cuppa tea, so i don’t know what to suggest
        let’s be dole bludgers together ;P

      • dragonray says:

        Re: courses
        yeah dole bludgers sounds good!!! heheeh i am 25 – almost 26…i want to do something that interests me, but all the good stuff costs too much – especially when i went and bought a house last year!!! ehehhee
        i got into an arts course when i finsihed year 12 and i didn’t do it because i couldnt’ decide waht subjects i wanted to do!!! ROFLMAO…so it has been a continual problem for me!!!
        no way to accounting – my mum is an accountant and i would rather shoot myself in the foot!!! eheheh what school you at?

      • Re: courses
        lmao @ your feelings towards accounting. i haven’t done any accounting classes, but i’ve done some accounting type stuff at work. it fascinates me.
        oO, a house! are you living with your boyfriend?
        don’t you regret not doing the course? lol, but i suppose you’re not doing unwanted subjects.
        i go to sunshine college.. =\.. happen to know where sunshine is?

      • dragonray says:

        Re: courses
        yeah my other half and i bought this place together – do i know where sunshine is? do you know where maidstone is? heheeh i grew up in maidstone – so yeah i know sunshine!!! lol
        i kind of regret not doing it – but i went to sydney for 8 years and had a great time so i kind of preferred that to being stuck in uni for 4 years…..
        i was terrible at accounting..i much preferred things like art, music and IT….my mum tried to get me to do physics, chemistry accounting etc she finally gave up when my teachers asked her to let me change due to my failing grades of 13% on tests…very bad!!!! there was a huge improvment when i was doing subjects i wanted to do…
        shut up – i am rambling so much!!!

      • Re: courses
        hehe, i lived with my mother in maidstone for about 6 months. where abouts are you living now?
        what school did you go to?
        why don’t you study music? i’d like to do that, but i don’t appreciate it like all the others out there!

      • dragonray says:

        Re: courses
        living in glenroy..i went to a snob school, penleigh and essendon grammar..lemme just snub my nose at you *snub* hehehe….i want to do a music management course – but it is about 9000 to do…so i think it will have to wait!!! HAAHAH
        you don’t appreciate music? what do you mean???
        you excited about finishing this year? how old is your other half?

      • Re: courses
        well you know theres people who are totally in love with music and appreciate it at a different level. i love music and all, but i don’t know.. lol i can’t explain it.
        my dad lives in broadmeadows! well he just moved to upfield.
        what i’m aiming at next year is doing at primary education course at uni, and it’s over $50,000. So i’m praying for a scholarship. Plus, i need an ENTER score of 78+
        but yeah, i’m excited to be finishing this year!
        Damian’s 21 🙂

      • dragonray says:

        Re: courses
        you can pay for it through HECS though can’t you? good luck on the enrty score!! although i am sure things have changed since i was at school – i hope you get there and if not there will always be other things to do!!!
        cool so you come to broadie at all? we shoudl catch up next time you over here…lol

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